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Hi, my name is Justin Hankins :)

I travel around the world documenting the happiest moments in people's lives. I have a reputation for taking incredible care of folks just like you and can't wait to surprise and delight.

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Tanya & Nick's Indian River Plantation Wedding
» Jan 17, 2016 · by Justin Hankins · Weddings

Here are some images from Tanya and Nick’s Indian River Plantation wedding and private residence reception. The couple lives in California and decided to hold their wedding in Virginia Beach, where Nick grew up.

Downtown Grand Rapids Engagement Portraits - Chantelle & Matt
» Jan 14, 2016 · by Justin Hankins · Weddings

Here are some images from Chantelle & Matt’s engagement portrait session in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We lucked out with both the weather and the foliage, catching downtown Grand Rapids in a beautiful canopy of fall colors.

Katie & Ryan's Wren Chapel Wedding & Fords Colony Reception
» Dec 4, 2015 · by Justin Hankins · Weddings

Here are some images from Katie and Ryan’s autumn wedding at Wren Chapel and reception at Ford’s Colony Country Club in Williamsburg, VA.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookies
» May 3, 2015 · by Justin Hankins · Food & Drink

I don’t think there’s anything in the world my girlfriend loves more than the combination of chocolate and peanut butter. She likes either one just fine by itself, but mix them together and get outta the way because she’ll knock your ass to the floor when she pounces. It’s therefore no surprise she suggested these peanut butter chocolate chip shortbread cookies when I asked her what I should make to get us through a snowstorm up in Leelanau earlier this year.

Traverse City Winter Comedy Festival
» Mar 3, 2015 · by Justin Hankins · Travel

I just returned from the Winter Comedy Arts Festival up in Traverse City, Michigan. To celebrate the festival’s fifth anniversary, and with perfect comedic timing, Mother Nature delivered a winter punch of terrific proportions, with temperatures down to -20°F, wind chills down to -40°F, and wind gusts pushing 60 mph. Guffaw!